About our new rig

About our new rig

Our rig is a 2019 Thor Outlaw 37RB Class A Toyhauler Motorhome built onto of a Ford F53 chassis and powered by a Gas V10 10 Cylinder 3 Valve engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission. We purchased it new in April of 2019 at General RV in Huntley , IL. We has shopped around for a while and looked at a few used rigs but when we were ready to purchase none of the used ones were available. We ordered our rig through General RV and waited several months for it to reach the dealer. When it finally arrived, I made the journey from VT out to IL and Cathy and I went and to pick it up. We spent the better part of the afternoon at the dealer going through orientation and doing paperwork. During much of the orientation, I was explaining features to the dealers orientation guy as I knew far more about the specifics of the rig than they did. I have been studying the rig for months and even had Thor send me the mechanical drawings ahead of time.

Our 2019 Thor Outlaw 37RB – Delivery Day!

Repairs and overall quality.

After taking delivery and spending a few days getting to know our rig, we started to find many of the things that weren’t quite right with the rig. Overall there was nothing too serious, just lots of little things. Some of the basement compartment doors could be pulled open while locked, come of the cargo lights didn’t work. The deadbolt on the front door was misaligned and was VERY difficult to operate. The wiring for the powered steps was hanging loose beneath the rig. A few of the rear clearance lights were falling out of their holes. Several of the dash and ceiling vent louvers were falling out and needed to be snapped back together. The power to the water pump was connected using crimp on butt connecters and one wasn’t very well crimped leaving use without water after the first week. The most serious issue was the drivers seat swivel had a bent latch plate and didn’t lock into the facing forward position. I spent the next couple of weeks correcting these issues as I found them. After reading many horror stories about the problems with new rigs, I feel we made out very well with this Thor unit. After a week or two of getting to know the unit, you can tell that they do rush these through manufacturing but all in all, I’m pretty happy with the quality and I have been able to resolve all of the issues myself so far.

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